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Street Rod 2 (PC/DOS) 1990, California Dreams

Street Rod 2 (PC/DOS) 1990, California Dreams
Street Rod II: The Next Generation (PC)


21 thoughts on “Street Rod 2 (PC/DOS) 1990, California Dreams

  1. AHAHAH .. .when I saw you on StreetRod 1 , I thought , what about the 2?
    You are perfectly right, Street Rod 2 is much more difficult than one
    because of the Mullholland. ;)))

  2. how did you run over the hole on the side of that race?12:36

  3. Loved this game as a kid. Even with cheats it was fun as heck.
    Just loved to tune my cars and have race with ’em.

  4. This is also the game that made me love Chevrolet Corvette so much.
    I am so going to get one in one of these days.

  5. part of my childhood here! (im 29 now)

  6. how to run

  7. This game got me intrested about american cars. Over 20 years ago. Brings
    back good memories :)

  8. Turn off that music

  9. I am rubber you are glue.

  10. I play SR1 for the fun, I play SR2 for the cars and aqueduct race.

  11. im 8 years old again

  12. This brings back memories!

  13. My dad had this game I.Use to Olay when I was like three super nostalgic

  14. the driving sim part suffers from early 3d
    but this game is more about building up the car and that holds up well

  15. Those were the days, I’m 38 and still miss that game.

  16. Music/sound was much better in this game compared to SR

  17. Always started off with the Vette if it was available for 900 or so

  18. I never knew there was a sequel :O

  19. I love this game!

  20. I’ve been reloading a save and trying to beat aquaduct or mullholland and
    it’s just not possible to avoid objects or take the turns without crashing.

  21. lol, the car sounded so much better without a muffler on it. :)

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