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T-Bucket and Street Rod Kits Body Basics from Speedway Motors

T-Bucket and Street Rod Kits Body Basics from Speedway Motors
Speedway Motors has the superior quality fiberglass bodies and street rod kits ( that street rodders demand! Our ’23 T-Bucket bodies are available in several styles, street rod kits and configurations offering some extra options when assembling any T roadster street rod project. Plus Speedway Motors offers the parts necessary to get your rod on the road. Visit for interior kits, suspension, engine parts, accessories and more.


8 thoughts on “T-Bucket and Street Rod Kits Body Basics from Speedway Motors

  1. nice work speedway! i love hot rod!

  2. does the tribute t have a door?

  3. @vipervenomply The Tribute T body does not have a door. So far there hasn’t been much demand for one because it sits so low.

  4. just wanted to say you nailed the tribute.thats the style of t iv always wanted since being a kid. however, im rather tall so have always talked my self out of trying to build one im 6 foot 4. my health has not been so good this year and im only 36 got me to thinking i better start doing what iv dreamed of or i may run out of time before i know it. so will start one this fall. i have to modify the body to fit my height tho. thinking 10 inch stretch.i have to learn to work with glass now. cheers

  5. @justaguitardude Thank you! It’s never too early to start building your dreams and it sounds like you may learn a thing or two along the way. We would love to see the progress of your build, ‘Like’ us on Facebook and you can post pictures on our wall. Best of luck and look no further than Speedway Motors for all your T-Bucket needs!

  6. Why only a right door…?

  7. Fiberglass body kits suck ass. Get your as off the couch and go look for a real one.

  8. Why do people build these things with the transmission mount welded to the frame? Transmission shops charge $$400-800 more to pull the motor with the trans. This is a real disservice to your customers.

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