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TEASER! Ford Truck / Cop Car Body Swap! – Hot Rod Garage Ep. 49

TEASER! Ford Truck / Cop Car Body Swap! – Hot Rod Garage Ep. 49
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36 thoughts on “TEASER! Ford Truck / Cop Car Body Swap! – Hot Rod Garage Ep. 49

  1. this piises me off haveing you tease us to make us pay for that shit fuck this

  2. are they trying to kill their channel?

  3. Enough is enough! i have had it with these mothefucking teaser on this mothefucking channel!

  4. I want his shirt!

  5. Come for the teaser, stay for the whiny people complaining about $5 a month.

  6. Before the plethora of whining comes in, I have to say that I’m pretty happy with MTOD. I just went and started the free trial and I’m happy with the amount of stuff I can watch. I’ll gladly eat one less cheeseburger a month to watch them!

  7. Go fuck yourselves?


  9. eww what was that advertiser voice at the end there?? Go back to the normal “watch it right now on mtod” voice

  10. What the fuck is wrong with people you guys have always had to wait a month, Hot Rod Garage has not had a new ep in a while you are not missing anything wait your one month or buy on Demand

  11. If I get any more of this fucking motor trend on demand shit I’m unsubscribing

  12. TEASER! Mass subscriber loss; next week on MT…

  13. I find it weird that this channel is the only one who teases people

  14. Please do a head 2 head with Johnny and Jason of the new Mercedes C43 amg sedan vs the BMW 340i.

  15. Stop the TEASER videos already.

  16. Another great episode!

  17. Jesus FUCKING Christ you whining pissbaby manchildren, quit your fucking bitching. Just STOP watching the teaser videos for fucks sake. Go do something else instead, visit pornhub and have a wank, I don’t care. It’s been over a year and you’re STILL crying and whining about MTOD, you need to get the fuck over it you sad pathetic little infants. Shut the FUCK up and move on with your lives, my GOD.

  18. when it says 30 free days why the hell should I have to enter my credit card information?? oh I know, it makes it easier to get US to not cancel it and just say fuck it and keep paying for it. sorry I do like the shows but not enough to pay for it.

  19. Oh look! More CRAP.

  20. these teasers make a good unsubscribe

  21. On Demand!! Yeah that’s cool, sign me to pay for YouTube videos

  22. FAIL, the last episode was Dec 22nd, you aren’t fooling anyone wit the “watch it now”. There should be one from January on YT now.

  23. Great episode,can’t wait for more of the truck. Glad to see Lucky and Tony back so I could get my Hot Rod Garage fix….SO WORTH THE $5 A MONTH!!!!!!

  24. Lmao at all the poor kids who have problems when stuff isn’t free…

  25. don t watch this..

  26. “Simpsons did it!”

  27. Its just $5 a month guys..

  28. Two uploads back to back, both teaser/trailers, It’s time to unsubscribe.

  29. no they cut up a perfectly good truck a 66 none the less

  30. Just watched it, I loved the airbag on the wooden steering wheel haha! Really wish I didn’t have to pay for it…

  31. I thought roll smoky was the shop truck

  32. 5 bucks a month video every month or two. Wastes 5 bucks literaly to watch 2 or 3 shows.

  33. It can’t be LIVE NOW if it’s ON DEMAND!!

  34. so…. exactly where is the actual next video? not this MTOD BS. been a little longer than 4 weeks….

  35. #itsthinklikemo let’s goo . I had a good day . you should too , CHECK ME OUT

  36. Where’s the Roadkill teaser? MT is getting slow!

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