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Traeger log 212 (replacing hot rod)

Traeger log 212 (replacing hot rod)
Traeger 075 hot rod replacement. AVCHD


12 thoughts on “Traeger log 212 (replacing hot rod)

  1. Did a rebuild on my traeger with parts furnished and am getting an err
    message on the reader. Any ideas?

  2. This was very helpful, especially the string trick. Thanks much.

  3. Thank you so much for the video… Directions were not cutting it for me…
    tip on attaching the wire was a huge help. Easy to follow and now my grill
    is working again! Steaks for dinner tonight

  4. Thanks for the video,big help. Also,when firing it up don’t let it go for
    too long or too hot without the heat shield, I just burned the paint off
    the top of my traeger. No biggie, I was planning to paint it again anyway.

  5. Brian do you still have your original 075? mines 5 1/2 yrs old i had to
    replace the firebox it was crumbling apart so i got a new Stainless steel
    pot along with a stainless heat shield and drip pan

  6. Thanks man. Going to do mine today! This was helpful

  7. Save a little time and check your new hot rod BEFORE you install. It should
    read 74 ohms. Mine blew the GFI multiple times, I pulled it and it read 61

  8. Just added info: the hot rod only stays on for 10 to 15 minutes. If your
    flames goes out due to lack of pellets for whatever reason, don’t just add
    more pellets and let it run THEN POWER OFF THEN ON AGAIN. Because the pot
    is going to be overloaded with pellets and you will have a big flame out.
    When you loose your heat always clean your pot out and restart. Very

  9. Thanks for the video and particularly the idea of using extra wire to pull
    the new hot rod wire connected back through. I’ll be changing the fire pot
    out as mine is burned out and falling apart. Interestingly, my hot rod is
    still original equipment, works fine and is 11 years old. I bight my BBQ
    075 Texas grill when they were still made in the USA – Mt Angel, OR. I
    bought a combo rod and fire pot online and will replace both as long as I’m
    in there.

  10. I replaced the hot rod and fire pot today and thanks to this video it went
    well. The wire trick and just how far to insert the new rod were extremely
    helpful. I didn’t buy from Trager and I didn’t get any instructions at all.
    Just a packing slip. Anyway, my Traeger fired right up. I’m waiting now to
    see if it heats up like it did before the fire pot burned out. Again,
    thanks for the video.


  12. Thank you for these great instructions!!

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