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Turbo LS-Powered Datsun 240Z – Roadkill Extra Free Episode

Turbo LS-Powered Datsun 240Z – Roadkill Extra Free Episode
The Roadkill Rotsun, a ’71 Datsun 240Z, is famed as the car that never fails to fail. Maybe it’s the curse of the S30 chassis platform, because there was a really radical, 8-second, turbo-LS-powered 240Z at Hot Rod Drag Week 2016 that showed great promise, but then…Roadkill. See it here.

We’ve provided this free episode on YouTube to give you a taste of Roadkill Extra so you can decide if you’d like to subscribe for more episodes.

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40 thoughts on “Turbo LS-Powered Datsun 240Z – Roadkill Extra Free Episode

  1. Bone-maro powertrain into Rotsun!

  2. Put Stubby Bob’s Flathead V8 into the Rotsun

  3. cmon guys how can you call this a episode..
    wouldnt this be like… A roadkill update.

  4. This is my car, pretty stoked with the response it gets from people! I’d
    love you guys to give my fb page a like, fosterZRacing is the easiest way
    to find it!

    The reason I actually broke down was a failed fuel pump sensor that time.
    E85 didn’t get along with those sensors all week. I did break my pump cable
    once on the week, but we think it was due to having too tight of a corner
    on it. the replacement has been stellar since.

    Still finished out the race, and did 8s every day out there! Hope to be
    back next year with less issues!

  5. keep the 4.3 but show the viewers how to build it the right way

  6. Give it up…nobody is going to pay for this!!!!!!

  7. LS…yawn. Boring. Really, getting boring with the LS swaps. At this point,
    i’d take a Datsun with a Mustang straight six. That’d be fun to figure out
    some stupid cheat power in to. Plus, it would piss of purists, which is
    always the best, far too much asstick.

  8. Those old Datsuns should have straight 6 engines.

  9. I loved the Rotsun because it was different. v6 with a diesel turbo. It’s
    getting boring and played out to see every. single. person. put LS motors,
    or v8s in general into every project car.
    My love for the Rotsun will never be the same.

  10. hardware other full-time regard strain

  11. im not able to log into motortrend on demand

  12. thats just upseting that you guys cant rebuild the rotsun

  13. What’s the point of the free 30 days if I can only get them after buying a

    That defeats the purpose of it being free

  14. well chris at this point it dont matter cuz trump won and thank god his pro
    2nd amendmente. ;)

  15. What the hell is he speaking about. I have no idea.

  16. so can you put a 4 point harness without a harness bar

  17. sweet it would b an ls for me or a four rotor in that bad boy

  18. I saw you guys on fast and loud

  19. no not going to subscribe to motertrend

  20. mercedes straigth 6 diesel 3litres with turbo 400hp

  21. ls is a great motor but way too meany out there. id stick GM’s second best
    engine and put a 350 small block or go mopar and throw a 318 in it.

  22. Thanks for this episode. I would not have missed it, if Amazon had posted
    Episode 60 on MTOD on October 28 like they should have. Other than that its
    worth $4.99 a month to see the episodes sooner.

  23. ford 2.3 turbo

  24. The rear-engined Stubby Bob is the future of Roadkill!
    How about an Olds Toronado 403 w/ transaxle in the BACK of the Rotsun?
    OR… put in any other front-drive power train in the back of the Rotsun.
    Jesus H, let’s see some shade-tree creativity for a change. Make Roadkill
    Great Again!!!!

  25. Please tell me, what stopped them from just runnin an electric fuel pump?

  26. r u guys ever making a new video

  27. Sexy car.

  28. Why not put the drive train out of a gmc cyclone in the rotsun? Turbo all
    wheel drive and still a 4.3.

  29. you should fix the Rotson

  30. Nice car, but where is the gate latch that keeps the door shut? :)

  31. You’d think with a 91mm turbo that it would run faster than 8 in the

  32. Whats that tube part called between the throttle body and the intake

  33. Gonna be hard to bear RIPS.

  34. hell no!!! don’t ever take that blasted 4.3 out of the rotsun don’t ever.
    just rebuild it THE RIGHT WAY!!!AND DONT ABUSE IT

  35. Quit it you guys… just stop with the “sign up for Road Kill extra” BS…
    It’s like Road Kill has become a format to push your secret agenda… I
    don’t know anyone who did or is going to sign up… Sometimes you just
    don’t want fries with the burger… Read the reviews.. it a gimmicky money
    trap.. Get back to doing what you do best, the cars.. Why?? Because…

  36. you should do more episodes

  37. Who built the intake elbow you are running?

  38. Hope to see the resurrection of the Rotsun soon on Roadkill!

  39. You should put a Buick turbo V6 out of the regal or grand national. It blew
    V8’s out of the water in a car that weighs double what the rotsun does.
    Just an idea

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